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Who are we?

The Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR) was established in 1994 by the AcuMedic Foundation and the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. A member of the Chinese Medical Council (CMC), the China-UK Consortium for Medical Integration, Research and Collaboration (CUC) and the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS), we are dedicated to the modernisation of Chinese medicine and its proper integration into conventional mainstream medical practice. We are one of the leading educational and professional organisations in the UK for promoting clinical excellence in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.



We also maintain a register of properly qualified practitioners, who abide by a set code of practice and provides a forum for academic exchange and public awareness of the benefits and development of Chinese medicine. By focusing on high standard educational projects and coordinating international research projects, we aim to raise the level of practice, education, and research of Chinese medicine and acupuncture to ensure its safety and effectiveness on a global scale.

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Why study with CMIR?

CMIR courses are regarded as high quality interactive training programmes, both in theoretical information and clinical practice, and are unrivalled in the West. Organised first by the AcuMedic Foundation and then by the CMIR, we have been running accredited postgraduate diploma courses for Western-trained medical professionals since 1994. The teaching is conducted at the AcuMedic Centre in London by lecturers from the best Chinese medicine universities in China, all of whom have extensive knowledge of both Chinese and Western medicine and many years’ experience in their chosen fields.

Our courses give students a complete education in all key areas of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, from diagnostic techniques, pain syndromes and dermatology, to electro-acupuncture, gynaecology and herbal medicine, and are tailored to suit every level. Each module also includes in-depth clinical tuition, small group practical sessions and patient case studies, allowing you to regularly practice everything you have learnt.


Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and include GPs, hospital doctors, nurses, midwives, chiropractors, osteopaths and acupuncturists. As a result, they bring a wealth of different clinical experience with them to the lectures. Many of our students continue to study with CMIR throughout their medical career – completing the Diploma of Chinese Medicine and Syndrome Acupuncture, becoming specialist practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine and cosmetic acupuncture and getting up to date with the latest research in Chinese medicine through our CPD courses.