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Diploma of Chinese Medicine and Syndrome Acupuncture for Doctors

A very comprehensive and fascinating course. There was lots of practical experience that was very relevant to general practice. I wish I had done the course earlier – it’s been so helpful and satisfying for me and my patients

                Dr Sheila Richards, GP

An excellent course! The information given and the teaching were aimed at the right level. I have learnt a lot about Chinese medicine and about myself!

                Dr Sau Hsien Yap, Consultant Anaesthetist and Pain Management

The course was very well structured and run. It was focussed and clinically relevant and the lecturers were fantastic. My best experiences were the small group practical sessions. I have recommended this course to almost everyone I know!

                Dr Jane Pettigrew

A comprehensive, relaxed and friendly course. The lecturers were very helpful and always willing to help and explain things

                Dr Jusman Agam Amin, GP

Diploma of Chinese Medicine and Syndrome Acupuncture for Healthcare Professionals

This course is a must for anyone interested in well being and good health. It is a fascinating subject that is an eye-opener and enables you to view Western medicine from a different perspective and appreciate the best of both worlds

                Ron Haines, Sports Injury Practitioner and Holistic Therapist

The course was highly enjoyable, but also inspiring. The lecturers are all very professional, enthusiastic and passionate

                Theresa Velasquez, Therapist

Very thorough teaching with lots of opportunities to see and experience case studies. The lecturers are very good at ensuring you understand everything and they also give you the benefit of their own experiences, which is invaluable. The course was also great fun!

                Shahnila Rashid, Healthcare Professional

The teaching was very clear and the course structure was good. The practical applications are very relevant to everyday practice. It was very impressive seeing how effective Chinese medicine can be

                Neville Dowley, Chiropractor

Diploma of Cosmetic Acupuncture and Chinese Cosmetology

An excellent course, with caring and informative tutors, supported by superb course notes. The atmosphere was conducive to learning and exposed us to many aspects of Chinese culture. It’s just a great place to be!

                Christine E Hunter, Nurse

Dr Chen is an exceptionally talented lecturer. Each diploma course has taken my knowledge and awareness of Chinese medicine to a higher level. Thanks again to all of you at AcuMedic

                David Lloyd, Osteopath, Dietician and Chinese Medicine Practitioner

I wish I’d known about AcuMedic earlier. This was a fantastic course – the lecturers give you their time and share their knowledge on top of the course material. The staff are friendly and helpful. I will certainly be back to do more courses in the future

                Rosie Nadin, Therapist

I loved it! Dr Chen is an excellent and passionate teacher

                Dr Ursula Voss

Diploma of Chinese Herbal Materia Medica and Prescription

A very rewarding and enjoyable course with excellent tuition

                Laurence Bridgeland, TCM Practitioner

I thoughly enjoyed the diploma course, although it is very demanding. The excellent teaching and lecture material however, made the course easier and really enjoyable. I would highly recommend it!

                Sanjay Karia, Homeopath and Acupuncturist

A very well presented course. The teaching material was excellent and all the lecturers were very helpful, enthusiastic and inspiring. There was a very supportive atmosphere and the lectures made a very difficult subject easy to understand

                Dr B P S Chohan

Excellent teaching materials and good lectures with clinical demonstrations

                Sung San Yin, Nurse

CPD Courses

CPD training is of enormous benefit to me; the information is always well put together and concise, as are the course notes. I enjoy reconnecting with everyone at AcuMedic, as well as meeting other fellow acupuncturists. I am always singing your praises!

                Lavinia Stanbury, Acupuncturist

The knowledge and interaction between the lecturers and learners was impressive. The tuition was open and friendly and everyone was really helpful

                Vicky Ahern, Complementary Therapist

This course was very clear and straightforward. I had attended 3 previous courses at other institutions and none of them made any sense! I am more confident about offering cosmetic acupuncture treatment and am convinced that it works!

                Jane Roberts, Acupuncturist

A wonderful day, where I gained superb knowledge. The staff are so polite, smart, happy and helpful

                Gloria Shayler, Shiatsu Practitioner

China Medical Trip

There was a fantastic energy on the trip, generated by the care, attention and generosity of Dr Lily and Professor Mei, and by the zeal and goodwill of the entire group. Witnessing so much history at first hand, and life as it is lived today in Luoyang and Beijing, was a rare privilege. No less so was the chance to experience the collective enthusiasm for the power of traditional medicine, though no amount of Qi could, alas, ensure longevity of sufficient duration for a full understanding of the richness of Chinese civilization.

                Nicolas Stainer (Non-Medic)

I had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute of it. I learned a lot, stayed in beautiful rooms at the hotel, and enjoyed the food and company of the others. The whole China trip was mind-blowing for me and I definitely will go back. I am really inspired and thanks to the fantastic travel group, it was a very special trip for me I will never forget.

                Ursula Voss (Medic) 

Dear Professor Mei,

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to China with you and Dr. Lily and the other members of the group.  The tour of the two cities, Luoyang and Beijing, offered a fascinating insight into the ancient and modern aspects of China, its culture and its rapid economic growth. The development from the hutongs to the high rise buildings is phenomenal and the mind boggled at the speed and scale of the transformations taking place there.

In those intense two weeks I experienced so many sights and sounds and tastes and smells – all my senses were heightened!  A land and culture which seemed so distant and mysterious to me was brought to life and the reality of it was breath-taking and thought-provoking.  It was a truly marvellous experience and I am left with a desire to explore more of this fascinating country.  Thank you for organizing this wonderful trip and making it such a memorable one.

With best wishes,

Babli Lodh

                Babli Lodh (Medic)

This was a wonderful, absorbing and intensely interesting trip that made a deep impression on us. The group itself was tremendous fun and those who came made our trip to Luoyang and Beijing a very memorable experience.

                Richard & Sue Garlick (Medics) 

Dear Professor Mei,

I want to thank you very much for allowing me to join your group that recently visited China. The experience was exhilarating and fascinating, even though I am not medically qualified. What I saw has inspired me to find out more about China and Chinese culture and tradition. I learnt a great deal about traditional Chinese medicine which has helped me understand better the treatment I have been receiving for many years at your clinic in Camden Town. I also enjoyed tremendously the visits you arranged to the sites of historical interest as well as to the hospitals.

I will always remember the enormous effort you made to ensure that every aspect of the tour was an outstanding success: the hotels you chose, the shows you arranged, the restaurants you took us to, the continual attention you gave to each and every one of us to make sure that we got the most out of the trip. Although the tour lasted only two weeks, I feel that you provided me with a wide ranging understanding of many aspects of Chinese culture and way of life.

Once again, many, many thanks,

Yours truly

Miriam Blum

                Miriam Blum (Non-Medic)